How to Revolutionize Your Fan Fiction (Part 1)

Hello, everyone, I am hoping that you are ready for today’s essay on the importance of coming up with an original idea for your fan fiction story.

As Count Omer has said, there is a lack of good fan fiction on the Internet nowadays and even worse, there are too many copycat fan fiction stories floating around. With the huge threat of plagiarism, there are some ways that you can combat those threats. You must also have an original idea that can’t be stolen from you by anyone else.

This takes us to rule #1 of the fan fiction revolution:

Come up with a completely original idea. This means you must have an original idea for your fan fiction.

This is especially true because these days, there are too many Harry Potter and Twilight copycats and the same clichés in both original fiction and fan fiction are being used again and again. The readers do NOT want to read anything that is chock full of clichés and/or another Harry Potter lookalike. They will see that in your story and immediately think to themselves this story sucks! It’s just another Harry Potter lookalike! I’d rather watch some dumb reality show than read this crap! And faster than you can say, “But it was INSPIRED by Harry Potter,” the reader logs off FanFiction.Net and then tells his/her friends on Facebook to not read any of your fan fiction. Then you get bad reviews of your story, no new readers, and then you’re taking down your stories off the Internet and deleting your FanFiction.Net account. Your writing career is over.

Not good.

What you need to do is to stop writing that story immediately and take a good look at what you are writing. Chances are, there are not only spelling and grammar mistakes, but also there are some parts in your story that were probably lifted from the book and from other people’s stories as well. You must put an end to this immediately or else you will find yourself slapped with plagatization accusations, lower readership, bad reviews, and possibly dangerously low self-esteem.

So, Count Omer said that you must come up with an original idea for the fan fiction that you are writing. Not copied from anyone else’s stories. The idea has to be your own. No exceptions!!!

However, if you find yourself feeling lazy or reading the book doesn’t give you any possible ideas, here’s a quick way that you can get some good ideas: just go to and look around. That site has a plethora of ideas for your fan fiction.

Well, here’s your first assignment: put any fan fiction stories that you are currently writing on hiatus and start a new one. Pick a plotline from (or some other story generator site) and use that for your new story. I’ll be back tomorrow with part two of the fan fiction revolution.


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