How to Revolutionize Your Fan Fiction

By now, I hope you’re all familiar with Count Omer’s The Fan Fiction Revolution blog post (and if you don’t, then get from under that rock that you’ve been hiding under and read the post!) and you know his stance on fan fiction.

If you want to know his real opinion on fan fiction, he hates it. Absolutely hates it. I, on the other hand, love fan fiction and I enjoy writing fan fiction. However, since I’ve made the switch from fan fiction to original fiction, my fan fiction stories seem to be lagging. I have had to cancel most of them and others are on an unnecessarily long hiatus.

But enough about that; it’s time for me to tell you all how to effectively write a good fan fiction story, starting with the most important thing: the fandom that you are writing for.

Why might I suggest that?

The fandom that you will be writing in should be the fandom that you like. If you don’t like a specific fandom, then don’t write in that fandom at all. (also, don’t harass anyone who might like the fandom, as this could get you some serious jail time, not to mention a permanent ruined reputation)

So, what did Count Omer say about the fandom that you choose? “Be in the fandom, but NOT of the fandom.” OK, he never actually said that, but still, we have to learn about what can and can’t go into your fan fiction stories.

Next, I shall tell you about how to get a good idea for your fan fiction.


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