Revised and Brand-New Fanfic (the Fan Fiction Revolution) Part 3

While doing the fan fiction revolution with CountOmer, I have decided to give it a try and see what I can come up with. Let’s hope that I can do this right.

My purported fan fiction story will come from the pretend novel called Wizard’s Mists written by F. J. Simms. Keep in mind that this is all pretend, as I’m going to demonstrate how to build a fan fiction that will make you want to actually read fan fiction.

Part 1 deals with coming up with an original idea for your fan fiction story. For that, I went to and found this plot that I will be using: The story is about a shy woman who must break a curse, defeat a tyrant, and evade an unwanted lover to slay a monster. Things are complicated by the villain kidnapping the main character‘s brother.

Part 2 deals with choosing your characters. In order to avoid the dreaded and cliched “golden trio“, I recommend choosing five characters instead of three. The characters who will go into my story will be Flora Ware, Nathanial Perry, Jaime Leon, Julie Holden, and Eric Franklin.

And now for the next part of the essay:

Part 3 deals with use the characters that the author has provided for the fandom and not making up your own and adding them to the story. The reason is that there are too many writers who are inserting original characters into the story (such as self-inserts and original characters) which tricks them into writing Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus. Those kinds of characters have destroyed any story that they are in. I already provided the solution to the problem, which was to use the background characters in the story instead of the main characters. So please, use the background characters only. Don’t create your own.

More will follow…


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