Revised and Brand-New Fanfic (the Fan Fiction Revolution) Part 2

Hello, everyone, I am hoping that you are ready for today’s essay on the importance of choosing the characters that will be in your fan fiction story.

I cannot stress this enough: you can pick and choose who goes into your original stories, but you can’t pick and choose who goes into your fan fiction stories. Or as Count Omer had said, “Don’t pick and choose your characters just because you love/hate them. There is no worse story than one that is centered on your favorite characters all the time. This is boring and immature on your part and it will bore the reader.”

So, what do you do if there is a character in your fandom that you absolutely despise and you want them out of your story? Instead of writing them out of the story or claiming that they never existed, think about what aspect of the character that you don’t like. Then work on turning the hated character into a likeable character.

And if that fails, you can simply choose to kill them off and be done with it.

As for the characters that you like, keep in mind that there are many people out there who don’t like your favorite characters, so make sure that you tone down your fangirl/fanboy-ism and simply tell the story properly. If you fail, then readers will move on to other fan fiction and then you’ll lose readers as well as your self-confidence.

Here’s your next assignment: using the plot line that you picked yesterday, find the characters in your favorite fandom that will become the main characters in your new story. (Suggestion, use the background characters in the story instead of the main characters) I’ll be back tomorrow with part three of the fan fiction revolution.


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