The Writing Revolution

These days, it seems that everyone and their mother is writing and publishing ebooks. (Which means that I am even closer to my writing dreams than I think.)

But before we publish our books on Amazon, let’s do a checkup on our stories and make sure that we have them all done right:

  1. Title of story: Does it match the story?
  2. Chapters: how many chapters does it have?
  3. Settings: such as where the story takes place, what time period, circumstances surrounding the storyline.
  4. Characters: who are the main characters in the story? Who are the minor characters? how do they interact with each other?
  5. Storyline: does the story make sense? are there any cliches in the story? what is the conflict in the story? does it get resolved?
  6. Spelling & Grammar: proofreading is a big must if you want to publish a story. proper spelling and grammar is the difference between a 4-star rating and a 2-star rating.

And another thing: Will the story be a stand-alone story or part of a series? Well, in that case, series are a bit more popular than stand-alone stories.

Well, I haven’t published anything on Amazon yet, so I won’t get into pricing and sales just yet. That, you can do on your own.

Now get out there and make your stories known!


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